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It is done in Osaka and what for do not have Sat-sea park on 21 days the third beach volleyball all-Japan girl championship days, and after forming the pair, (24) and Kusano pawn (Both id ..25=.. one) of Miwa Asao classes that aimed at the the first victory are Junko Komata (31= free), and straight defeats at the (31=WINDS) class that is ..whether Sugayama.. by the third round.
It was defeated in the sixth consolation round, the final day was left, and it became a defeat though 2 successive victories afterwards.
After it won Asao and the Kusano class, Komata and the Sugayama pair moreover were ..two series of defeats.. doing, and were defeated.

"It was a princess who was" was won the third round of Asao and the Kusano class that defeated in last week's beach volleyball Japan straight, and succeeded in the revenge. However, the the first victory is carried over by two series of defeatss afterwards.
It turned around indifferently , saying that "The toss was not able to fall into disorder, to return the weak return firmly, and there to be mistake not visible a lot".
The next war is a grand slam done in Fukui Prefecture on September 18.
The rally was sworn , saying that "I was time, and want to become correct".
The image: Kusano and Asao - Junko Komata Komata and the Sugayama class break Asao and the Kusano class when is ..Sugayama with which it is pleased to block the spike of Komata and Miwa Sugayama Asao (inside).. (left) and the third round is exceeded. Sugayama or Miwa Asao defeated at Miwa Asao Komata and the Sugayama class when is (this side).   jpg

Japan is good country!
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The audience rating of three continuous fight of professional baseball "Giant-Hanshin" relay (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated) done in Tokyo Dome is announced on the 23rd at the end of last week, and the log lingua of a low audience rating of 5.4%(video research examination and Kanto the district) to the second war (3:00PM of the 21st).

The first war (7:00PM of the 20th) done by the night game is 6.0%.
It was low-level with three wars.  6.4% Toya and the advance lingua ..the third war (3:00PM of the 23rd)..
13.6% is recorded by the first war in the Kansai district.

Japan is good country!
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